A Pool Service You Can Trust to Manage your Scottsdale Pool

pool-service-scottsdale-azIf your pool service provider is delivering a lower quality of pool maintenance by its cleaners than you desire, we would like to present you with a maintenance program that is designed to manage every aspect of your pool in the Scottsdale area and beyond.

Whether you require pool maintenance, cleaners or equipment repair, we provide quality service by a highly skilled team with experience and excellent customer service capabilities.

As a family-owned and operated pool maintenance business serving the Scottsdale and surrounding area, we are committed to high-quality service by our cleaners.

No pool service project is too large or small for us, whether it requires cleaners, equipment repair or general maintenance.

We are a pool service and maintenance company serving the Scottsdale area and beyond since 1998. Call us at (480) 628-7581 for the finest pool cleaners in the East Valley! 

Experienced Pool Cleaners Serving the Scottsdale Community

pool-cleaners-scottsdale-azAs a pool owner in the Scottsdale, you expect experienced pool cleaners who are knowledgeable in pool service to fulfill your requirements for pool maintenance.

Not only do we fulfill those requirements, we provide excellent customer service as an integral part of our pool maintenance work rather than just an extension of it.

As part of our general weekly pool service, our pool cleaners provide the following:

  • Vacuuming
  • Surface skimming
  • Brushing of walls, tiles and surfaces
  • Water chemistry testing and chemical application
  • Emptying of strainer baskets
  • Verification of proper equipment operations by pool cleaners

When repairs or new installations are required, our pool cleaners communicate that information to the customer.

As part of our pool maintenance program for the Scottsdale area, our pool cleaners ensure that the pool is functioning efficiently and in a proper manner, including pool equipment monitoring and balancing the pool chemicals.


Complete Pool Maintenance – Keeping the Sparkle in Scottsdale Pools!

pool-maintenance-scottsdale-azWe know from experience that most pool owners prefer pool service by experienced pool cleaners as part of a complete pool maintenance program. And the expectation of pool owners in the Scottsdale includes keeping the sparkle in their pools!

We are committed to maintaining beautiful blue sparkling clean water as part of our weekly pool service program. Pool equipment is monitored and maintained to avoid problem conditions such as green pools and hydraulic problems.

For family-owned and operated pool service and pool maintenance that is trustworthy and reliable serving the Scottsdale and surrounding area, call (480) 628-7581.