Pool Equipment Installation Services

Pool-Equipment-Mesa-AZWe provide a broad range of pool equipment installation services, in addition to repairs and swimming pool equipment replacements.

Our well-earned reputation as a full-service swimming pool equipment, pool maintenance and pool equipment installation family-owned company is based on our ability to manage every aspect of a swimming pool.

The following is a list of repair and pool equipment installation services provided by our expert technicians:

  • Pump repair and installation
  • SRP/APS certified variable-speed pump installation
  • Automation repair and installation
  • Cleaner repair and installation
  • PVC plumbing
  • Sand change
  • Filter repair and installation
  • Filter cleaning (DE/Cartridge)
  • Valve repair
  • Acid/chlorine washes
  • Green pool clean-up
  • Minor electrical repair
  • Salt system repair and installation

For swimming pool equipment installation services for Mesa and East Valley and beyond, including pumps, plumbing, filters, valves, heaters and salt systems, call 480-630-6014.


Swimming Pool Equipment Installed in New or Existing Pools

Swimming-Pool-Equipment-Mesa-AZWhether you require swimming pool equipment installation in a new or existing pool, we have the capability of assessing your specific needs, recommending swimming pool equipment that would be most suitable for your pool system, and providing professional installation on a timely basis.

Those pool equipment installations may include swimming pool equipment such as:

  • Pumps and motors
  • Pool cleaners
  • Filters and filtration systems
  • Heat pumps and heaters
  • Chlorinators
  • Timers

When a repair or swimming pool equipment installation is required, we carefully communicate all aspects of the process with the customer and prepare a free estimate!

We are ready to discuss your need for repairs or swimming pool equipment installation. You can be assured that we will provide an honest evaluation of your project needs, on-time completion of your swimming pool equipment installation, and dedicated service with the integrity to stand behind all of our work services.


Why Choose Us for Pool Equipment Installation?

Pool-Equipment-Installation-Mesa-AZOur family-owned and operated business is someone you look forward to doing business with because we stress excellence in everything we do, from pool cleaning services to swimming pool equipment installation and repair services.

We take great pride in our excellent customer service, as well as:

  • Expert pool cleaning services
  • Repair services for pool equipment
  • Experienced and skilled technicians
  • Green pool cleanup and natural restoration
  • State-of-the-art equipment knowledge and installation

For excellence in swimming pool equipment installation services in the Mesa and East Valley surrounding area, call 480-630-6014.