Pool Pumps – We Are SRP/APS Certified Variable-Speed Pump Installer

pool-pumps-mesa-azAs part of our repair and installation services, we inspect your equipment to ensure everything is in proper working order, including swimming pool pumps.

And because we are SRP/APS certified for variable-speed pump installation, you can be assured of meeting the requirements for all new pool filtration pumps installed in Arizona.

It is significant when searching for new swimming pool pumps or pool pump replacement for filtration because the installation of an SRP/APS Certified Variable-Speed Pump reduces electricity usage as well as power bill costs to homeowners with swimming pools by 75% to 80%. And those specific swimming pool pumps run significantly quieter than a normal one-speed pump.

As a certified installer of those specific swimming pool pumps for pool filtration, we have the capabilities of calibrating the new pool pumps to the required standards for optimum efficiency.

For repair of swimming pool pumps or assistance with pool pump replacement in Mesa and the surrounding East Valley area, call 480-628-7581. We are the experienced family-owned and operated pool pump replacement experts!


Swimming Pool Pumps are Critical for the Health of Your Pool

swimming-pool-pumps-mesa-azProperly operating swimming pool pumps are essential in maintaining a healthy pool.

Swimming pool pumps help to ensure clean, chlorinated water reaches all parts of the pool, while filters physically remove debris.

To most pool owners, swimming pool pumps are part of the system, but understanding the importance of properly operating swimming pool pumps is vital.

Swimming pool pumps are the very heart of the pool system, and in a typical pump system an electric motor spins an impeller that drives the water through the filter and back to the water inlets. Prior to water flowing into the pump, a strainer basket captures leaves and other debris that might clog the pump.

All of this may seem complicated, but a basic understanding of the operation of swimming pool pumps is critical in maintaining the health of a pool.

If you are considering a pool pump replacement, we welcome your inquiries and questions about the selection and installation.


Why Choose Us for Pool Pump Replacement and Installation Services?

pool-pump-replacement-mesa-azIn the event that a pool pump replacement is necessary, our technicians are able to provide the best possible options for new pool pumps.

When considering a pool pump replacement, it is vital to select the proper capacity that will work most efficiently in your pool. The correct size of pool pump replacement, along with regularly scheduled maintenance can extend the life for up to 10 years; whereas, an improper selection may cause a pool pump replacement to fail after one year.

We have installed many pool pump replacement systems throughout our history. We have a successful history as pool motor experts, very affordable rates and excellent customer service.

For expert pool pump replacement or repair of swimming pool pumps by an experienced, family-owned and operated company serving Mesa and the surrounding East Valley area, call 480-628-7581.