Why is it Important That a Pool Pump Run Properly?

Pool-Pump-Mesa-AZWhen a pool pump is not operating properly, or if pool pump motors are not properly maintained, the water in pools may contain germs, including algae, bacteria and viruses. And those germs can cause health problems and infections.

An inefficient pool pump that is running improperly may be wasting significant amounts of energy.

There are warning signs of an improperly running pool pump that all swimming pool owners should be aware of that may require pool pump repairs or new pool pump motors:

  • Slow-starting pool pump
  • Age – greater than 7 to 10 years
  • Decreased power of pool pump motors
  • Continuous noise from pool pump motors
  • Extreme heat resulting in pool pump motors shutdown
  • Humming noise but no start-up

As a licensed pool service company of your swimming pool, we are trained to identify hazards and problems that require pool pump repairs or new pool pump motors installations, including all connections.

Call us for dependable pool pump repairs. We have been repairing or replacing worn out pool pump motors since 1998! Call us at (480) 628-7581.


We Can Diagnose and Often Repair Pool Pump Motors

Pool-Pump-Motors-Mesa-AZOur skilled technicians have years of experience in diagnosing and repairing pool pump motors.

In fact, pool pump repairs and replacement of pool pump motors have been a major part of our business over the years.

Our loyal client base depends on us for expert advice relating to pool pump repairs vs. replacement of pool pump motors. We conduct pool pump repairs with precision and efficiency; and, we recommend the best possible options for replacement of pool pump motors.

Our recommendation to pool owners is that when you notice or hear a problem with your pool system, call us immediately to avoid excessive damages. We place great emphasis on quick response for pool pump repairs, or, when needed, replacement of pool pump motors.


Affordable, Effective and Efficient Pool Pump Repair

Pool-Pump-Repair-Mesa-AZWe know that owning a pool can be considered an expensive luxury.

For all the joy that pool ownership brings, we have focused on providing cost effective, affordable and efficient pool pump repairs.

It is as important to us as it is to our loyal customers that our services, including pool pump repairs, provide sparkling clean, safe water, as well as energy efficient operation.

With our inclusive maintenance and repair services, you have the assurance of extended life and optimized performance of your pool equipment resulting in time and cost savings. And with our experience, we know how to make the best selection of new pool pump motors.

Call us at (480) 628-7581 for prompt and efficient pool pump repairs in the Mesa and East Valley surrounding area. We have extensive experience in repairing and replacing worn out pool pump motors since 1998.